Who is Lyssa?

Lyssa_grayLyssa Myska Allen: bilingual in nerd and cool kid / tech and marketing.

Digital strategist, trendsetter, writer, content producer, communicator, bridge between people and groups. Professional emoji consultant.

I am passionate about happiness, people, travel, beauty, health, and fitness.


Here’s me:

Alorica, Director of Global Digital Strategy for $2.4 billion privately-held company with 100K employees. Responsible for everything online, including multiple websites, social media, and employee intranet.

DailyHap.com, a website to make you happier through a daily action item.

YouAreMyCelebrity.com, a lifestyle blog about glitz, glam, and the gym.


For you: Full-stack digital brand development plans—elevate your content, social media, and digital strategies, creating exciting, engaging communities around YOU. Click the tabs above for specifics + happy clients.